Sunday, February 10, 2008

Looks like rain...water leak!

Water drips outside of the front entry door creating a puddle and splashing the door and vertical windows on each side of the door. It looks like a nice spring rain...but it is not raining...only in front of my door from some unknown water leak on the second doubt as a result of Friday's repairs. However, the good news is that all the inside areas remain dry and only the overhang above the door outside is wet. Bad new...the outside entry ceiling will likely need replacing and may be the only way to access the leaky pipes.
These things are never simple!

So, the plumber will be here first thing Monday...since it is not an emergency...we have shut off the water to the entire house except for turning it back on for about an hour when we all shower, fill water containers and flush and observe the rain shower again in the entry alcove.

For a more pleasant can see blended star block #9 in the photo. I have also worked on Baby Cousin's homespun quilt a little this weekend. It is NOT very baby-ish but is very masculine with homespun plaids and a few truck and golf novelty prints sprinkled in. Not sure I like the borders I have planned...but my 13 yr old says it is good. That does not decrease my skepticism as her color and design sense are quite different from mine!

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...dotty... said...

I can't wait to see the design wall with all of these blocks layed out on it ! These are some gorgeous combinations, girl.

So sorry about all of the plumbing trouble........that can be so stressful ! Remember to breathe !

I've started quilting Cadence's quilt and it's like these fabrics are made of steel or something ! Each stitch is a 'job' ! And the cotton batting, although it looks like I had rinsed and preshrunk this piece, is fighting me too ! Makes me long to get back to the Feathered Star Christmas quilt.........or KNITTING !