Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quilting (Piecing) on a rainy day...

Wow..It is Saturday already (actually it is almost Sunday!) The week has gone by so quickly. No new progress to report on the re-construction of the bathroom...but I did quilt a little today! I put the borders on the Blended Spring quilt. Now I need to get a photo and get it posted for the world (or whoever looks) to see! It was an enjoyable time today sewing as the rain poured and occasionally some thunder and lightening. Thankfully, it did not get as cold here as expected so no ice or freezing rain here.

I was "home alone" which was also nice as the family each had activities away from here that they were involved in. Of course, my 13 year old called me 5-6-7 times (maybe more) and I carted her around to the various activities she was involved in from church to choir to "The Amazing race" back to choir back to church for dinner and more fun. Jordan-son was at "ground school" in the city. Dad was the transportation due to expected sleet/ice..which however, did not appear. "Crazy Horse" audio book kept me company. It is a narrative tale of the Indian Warrior told by a Lakota Indian from an Indian point of view and offers a whole other perspective on the historical events. Fascinating!

Ok...Since I have no new photos to show I still HAVE to put some photo up here is a quilted pot holder that I made in the fall for out local quilt guild pot-holder exchange and 20 year Anniversary of the Spinning Spools Quilt Guild. ( I link ther site I see they need to update it! I haven't looked at it for awhile and it seems to still be in 2007!) Anyway...
As luck would have it, my dear quilting friend (who helped me find the pattern for the pot holder to begin with was the one who got it when the exchanges were made. FUN!

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...dotty... said... decorates my kitchen.....along with my brand new fridge (thanks to a very generous child of God !)

Hooray for sewing on rainy days....and no leaks.....and time to yourself to slow down and enjoy some 'me' time !