Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Starting Something New?...

Ok, so I did start something new... Couldn't resist! A gal at work is expecting and I am behind the curve on this one. She has 2 girls and this will be a only 2 months. (Yes, I knew before now but was not quilt inspired yet.)

I was finally inspired by a quick fun project that I saw online the other day on SewMamaSew's blog. Simple yet stunning and my chance to practice simple machine quilting (I think just straight or "wonky" lines - cute, descriptive words of online quilter) as shown on this blog.

My personal challenge was to use fabric I have on hand. With the "gazillion" choices, how hard could it be. But I found out that I have a VERY limited palate for baby boys with the green/blue boy theme. I have mostly luscious (to me) old-timey floral and deep earthy colors. I could come up with some girly pink and yellow ...but for a boy it was slim pickins!

I am very pleased that I was able to dig into my Amish solids and find a gray that will set the background for bright blue, green, brown and jungle print. This pattern was easy and fun to cut out of my scraps and I cut it out last night. The photo shows the pieces cut and stacked for my reward sewing minutes once I get back to writing. This is good writing motivation! Now I hope it will go together just as easily!

Here is a sneak preview...


Dolly said...

Oh, now this is my kind of quilt lately !
I'm so tickled you're making this.......I just love both of the examples you showed, and that straight line quilting looks so good !
Have should have plenty of time still to get this one done......until the binding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh, I'm bad !)

Wanda said...

Yes, you are bad! But I think I am ready to face the binding ...until/if I have another bad experience. I'm telling you the way we whipped the binding on Coral's quilt was so fearles. And, it turned out just fine. I know I can always call on you for moral support if I get "skeert"...right?

Dolly said...

yer right !