Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wreath #2 is coming along fine ...

Worked on quilting Coral's feed sack quilt last night. Wreath number 2 is coming along well. I think I am getting into the quilting rhythm as it is going a little faster and my fingers are getting sore - lots of needle pricks - but no blood on the quilt! LOL Didn't start quilting until 9pm and stopped at was just so fun! But could not finish in 3 hrs. Up early to take Jaz to school for an out of town track meet. It's a cool rainy drizzly day. Check out FB for the latest on the bathroom updates (paint and shower fixture installed). Did not duplicate the info. here. Writing today... for quilting time rewards :)
Happy quilting everyone!


Dolly said...

This looks great and I'm so glad you're enjoying it........but I'm kindof confused ! Whose quilt is this....and what's the deal?

Wanda said...

The deal is...I'm quilting on my friend Coral's quilt - just the wreaths. Then it goes back to her to finish.