Thursday, June 17, 2010


I just entered a little quilt contest. The first of many (2 or 3) that I hope to submit this quilt to. Go and see for yourself..... at Quilting Gallery Beginning on Friday morning until Sunday (June 18-20th) you can vote on your favorite quilt. The quilt with the most votes wins! Maybe it will be mine :) Or maybe you would like to submit something too? This is a weekly - international online (that sounds special!) contest that changes themes from week to week. This week fit perfectly with what I was working on!
Weekly Themed Quilt Contests
More details later...Enjoy!

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Kay aka kdedid said...

I was gone to Dallas this weekend, so I didn't get to vote! Love the quilt & wow it's finished! We leave for MI tomorrow for my nephew's wedding. Dave is holding down the fort by himself.