Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whaaa...I'm sick of the house repairs

Don't read another word unless you are ready to hear an out-and-out grip session.
I know there are a lot worse problems in the world than this, but right now, I am exasperated and will no doubt feel better posting this, sparing my household from any more complaining and myself from headaches and frustration. I've had enough - so I'm going to get it off my chest lest I burst into tears or a tirade that no one should have to hear unless they want to....hence the warning at the beginning of this post.
I'm tired of the mess, the exasperating process of repairs (which have been anticipated for years and are finally getting done), and the unending mounds of dust on every surface in the entire house!(which most recently should have been contained or limited by plastic and has been in the past by others instead of spread with a high power fan to the entire house!! Plus, we just cleaned up from this last week with the ceiling tear out and at least had the forethought to close off areas and limit the spread of it).

This week....Horrors...the last straw for awhile...I can't even be gone to work for 2 hours and come back to the mess yesterday. The lack of consideration in clean up and high quality workmanship is disappointing but also makes me appreciate the other work I had done when they did a great job. Paying by the hour is one thing, I can choose to clean up to save $. But, when getting the job bid, I do not expect to have ceiling drywall mud splattered on the floor and walls and not be cleaned up. Granted the entire room is not finished, but I expected each to clean up their their own mess at the end of the job and have it done right! I am too exhausted to "fight" about it anymore. I need to just get over it and move on.

One of the difficulties for me is when I see something early on that is bothersome about the work and discuss it and get told "It'll be fine," "You won't even notice it when it's finished" HELLO - I am noticing it now and that won't change in a day or two. Please fix it. Telling me why it was not done correctly/well...that does not help either! I DO notice it and I want to hear idea on how to fix it or to discuss it in advance when a potential problem is recognized. It is exhausting to try and deal with it after they just go on and do something, and then "argue" that this is the best that can be done. Technically the contract does not say that it will be flat- just smooth - Grrrrr.

Now what? How do I live with the droopy ceiling that is supposed to be just "fine", that "no one will notice" and is what to expect when dealing with an old house, blah, blah, blah" or do I start saving up the $$, rip it out and have a previously satisfactory/quality drywaller re-do it in the fall (earliest) if he becomes available. I keep saying that I'd rather have it unfinished than not done well because it bugs me a lot more knowing I have to live with it this way. My feelings have not changed. And no photo...I have to look at it everyday, I don't want it to ugly up my blog too!

On a brighter note, my son and his good friend did some much needed work in the yard in the past 2 days. Daughter dear also helped tremendously with the clean up and general house-hold duties. Neither complained. Snow cones and ice cream all around! It was sooo hot. Thanks you guys! You have no idea how much your contributions help around here. Keep it up :)


Dolly said...

Oh, what a miserable deal !
I know you, and I know you won't be happy with a glaring mistake or poorly done job.

It's got to be redone.
And I'm so sorry that you're going through this......every problem is important, and yes, BIG, to the person having to live through it, and this is no different !

Wanda said...

Thanks for commiserating with me :)

Desiree said...

Yikes! Sounds like you need "Holmes on Homes" :) Hope it is better... Your quilt entry is beautiful!!