Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's next? The quilt needs a name

This is a brief review of the last week's efforts. I was productive in writing and in quilting :) These activities go together well.First a close up view of the FINISHED (except for label) quilt by request. The original posted pics were not detailed. Next I need help to name this guy so I can get it labeled and really finished :)...Well not counting it having a home yet.

Second, is a brief view of the back of the Charming Baby quilt (Later known as Krista's Baby Boy Quilt.

Third are cut pieces for a grandmother's quilt for my good friend who is a grandma! This goes with the tradition of the Outlaws to make a quilt for any person in the group who becomes a grandma. The quilt goes to the grandma for the little one to use when at grandma's house!

My friend in Spokane is not a quilter, but a dear long time friend (since 5th grade) who I think deserves a grandma quilt too! It is fun to work with some of my color palate too!
Happy Quilting to All!

YIKES! a new version of blog software?? Where is button to add photos? :(
(UPDATE: that was a mess...but all back to normal now :)


Dolly said...

I know, right? No one else seems to be mentioning the change in Blogger, but it threw ME too for a few minutes the first day I noticed it !

Go to design, up at the upper right of your blog, and then when the new page appears, look up at the top right, where it says "back to blogger", that, and you'll have your normal page for adding or changing things in your sidebar or header.

I wondered why I didn't see any pictures after you telling us that you were going to post them !

Wanda said...

Thanks for your help. I was not able to find those settings but eventually after about an hour I did something that worked...not sure what it was :) HA!
I even was able to post comments to another person's blog again which had not been knows...?? Glad to be back :)

Brenda said...

Wow! Are you referring to BG? Is she really a grandmother?

Anonymous said...

YUP! Fairfax now. Married 25 years next week. Granddaughter is or or 3 years old now. I am a little slow finding out these things :) Saw her photos on Facebook too :) Cutie