Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memory Quilt mock-up

Guess what... I cut out an entire quilt top in the past couple of days, just cut a few pieces at a time from the "stash". Did not calculate everything so may still have to cut a few pieces here and there. Also, in a move that is very unusual for me, I bought the pattern. Usually I just get inspiration then do my own thing. But I am more or less (more) using this pattern to try this organized approach to a quilting project. It takes little brain power - aside from fabric choices so my brain can stay focused on the necessary writing. We'll see what I can accomplish!. The pattern appealed to the my love for the Blended Quilt look.
Here it is!
The white space in between blocks is the design wall showing through. There will be a few simple 9-patch blocks and some 5x5 patch blocks filling in the holes when finished. I ordered the pattern from The Sometime Crafter's Shop after seeing one she made on her blog. It was a PDF pattern that I received by e-mail within an hour from when I ordered it, talk about instant gratification! (She says it can take up to 24 hrs to receive but she was super speedy!) It is a simple pattern for the price but no postage and it is a very nice detailed cookbook type pattern with charts and tables that are well done, easy to use with a couple options built in. The story of this quilt pattern is also delightful as the first one (see several color versions on the her website) was made from cloth of a woman's dresses as a memory of her for family members.


Dolly said...

Way to go, Wanda Gayle !

I keep up with the blog that the SOMETIMESCRAFTER writes !

How fun to get instant gratification.
I used my bank card to order from Keepsake Quilting this week.....not instant, but hopefully quicker than sending a check !

Wanda said...

Thanks for the note - I feel a little naughty for using s real pattern and starting ANOTHER quilt - but - oh well. It is a simple pleasure :)

Brenda said...

Emailed patterns are fabulous! They're also prevalent in the knitting world. It means up and coming designers can publish without the need for a sponsor. It's also lovely to get one's project going.

By the way, there aren't any knitting police. I found this out once when I had eleven projects in progress and began a twelfth when I didn't feel like working on the existing ones. No one came to the door to issue a citation or even a warning. None of my online friends judged me. It was glorious. Based on this, I suspect there aren't any quilting police either.

Go ahead and start as many new quilts as you like. Eventually start-itis fades and one comes down with a case of finish-itis. This often happens while the Olympics are on television. You'll have to wait a while for that incentive, so begin whatever strikes your fancy!