Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hayley is coming! - The Fabric

Baby Hayley and the quilt are in development. The quilt design has been sketched on graph paper to expand and personalize from the original Amish inspiration. The fabrics were purchased at my local quilt store - WonderArc Quilts, as initial inspiration for the modern approach to this quilt and before dd's input. Thankfully, dd happily approved of the fabric choices!

Next, dd has had great fun improvising on the design to make it her own. It is a simple Irish chain design expanded out into what would be the borders and created with the limited fabric palette and amounts on hand. The design will lend itself well to the modern quilting style!

This idea is quite do-able and to provide opportunity for dd's maximum contributions. She is also learning a lot as we discuss design and use math for calculating amounts and sizes to cut. She was so surprised (and maybe a little in awe) about needing to use math so much for quilting! I'm very excited about this quilt and will be showing progress as we go.

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