Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Inspiration: Hayley is coming!

My daughter's mentor, a lovely, Godly woman, and mother of three is expecting a special baby #4, (due in May?) A girl, recently named "Hayley." Of course Hayley will need a special baby quilt! Let the planning begin! It will be a special treat to plan and sew together with my daughter this spring as she finishes high school and prepares to move far away to college.

After searching through many quilt books for inspiration and bookmarking about 20 idea for "modern type designs" I thought dd might like, she chose an Irish chain design. Below is the picture of an Amish crib quilt in Pellman's (1985) book: Amish Crib Quilts that was the inspiration. Of course, the original quilt is just the starting place for dd's development of design inspiration. And, it is a great choice!  . . more to come!

The Inspiration:

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