Monday, January 14, 2013

Latest installment on Block #4 CCC

Thanks Carole and Sharon for the encouragement on my work on block #4 of Chester Co. Criswell quilt.
I'm finished with those last curved channels and on to the curvy ones which were kind of fun. Even the last curved channel wasn't so bad. Certainly the outer edge of the block is a breeze! At the rate I'm going I'll be on to the next block by the end of the week (taking several days off to catch up on grading papers). I'm glad to be reforming my feelings about this block since I see block #6 also has some channels - although fewer and perhaps slightly larger. Happy Quilting everyone!

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Jane in Wales said...

I love the effect of this block! Also I have been looking at your lovely Baltimore blocks. You seem to be using the same technique as I do.