Saturday, September 27, 2014

CCC #20 Finished

From it's humble beginnings that I Snap-chatted about weeks ago, until completion, this block was very fun! I really like the block design. I am happy with fabric choice too - something very old from my stash fabric resource collection.

I am soooo close to being caught up on all Sharon's Chester County Criswell (CCC) blocks! Just need to finish one corner of big CCC #13 and add one curve to #24 Alice Richmond's Oak Leaf & Reel. The curve will take about 15-20 min. but the big block corner will require couple more hours. I have two additional Oak Reel (#24) blocks cut out and basted - ready to go. At this point I am feeling ready to take on another swap block with someone....Anyone interested? I hope so! Let me hear from you :)  (Sorry for the poor photography! Must have better light and clean camera lens - photo looks terrible in large view)

1 comment:

Karen said...

I haven't worked on a Chester Criswell block in a long time. I need to do some catching up. Yours looks very good.