Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shawnee Spinning Spools Quilt Guild

I belong to a lovely guild and have since it's beginning. However, I rarely get to attend meetings due to my schedule. I barely made it to the show this weekend, but caught a glimpse of some great work! WOW There are so many talented quilters! Here is the show as I quickly ran through it snapping pictures so I could look at and savor more later. This post is the first of three with show photos. These are some of the simple designs that I liked and some T-shirt quilts. I still want to make one but have not yet! I have tried to include the tag on the quilt to credit the makers. As you will note, I was drawn to fall colors! (And I cannot figure out how to turn photos upright!)

OU /OSU Rivalry

Symbols of Oklahoma

Tribute to Oklahoma


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