Friday, March 8, 2013

Did it! Block without a Name - from Mary Mannakee 1850s quilt

I can hardly believe I attempted this AND finished! Here are a few photos of progress along the way. I began the block back in Sept. 2012. I think I was motivated and inspired to work on it after beginning on Chester County Criswell quilt blocks. The CCC blocks are  simpler designs but have encouraged me to get back into the habit of applique - that I love! They also have me working with some different shapes (narrow channels, inside curves, etc.) that I had little experience with. So that had been good for me too. With a block coming out each month and a blog to share the stories of the quilt and see others progress, it has been very fun. Thanks to my mom for the gift of one year pattern subscription and background fabric so I could enjoy my birthday over and over all year long!

This block design is from DAR museum Mary Mannakee Quilt (circa 1850). I like the style and the red and green. I enjoyed making the narrow, curved stems the most! It also gave me more practice on those not-as-fun tight inside curves. I recently gained practice with these type curves in the recent Chester County Criswell quilt block #7. I think this also helped me fearlessly approach them here. I have worked on it off and on with some extra time during dd's tournaments this spring.

There are many more exciting things to post...but I will save for another day. Happy Quilting Everyone!!


Nancy said...

What a beautiful job you have done on this block. I hate those inside curves. The seam allowance is so small and they always seem to fray.

Every Stitch said...

That is a gorgeous block and I like your fabric choices. I have seen the Mary Mannikee on other blogs - just such a lovely pattern. I am now a new follower of your blog - such beautiful work!