Sunday, March 23, 2014

CCC Block #16 Twin (Finish #3)

I am behind with these blocks and have made Chester County Criswell Quilt block #16 Adaline Gibson twice. It was a fun block to make both times! The first block went to away to her new home up north with Chris (Quilting at the Farm). The younger twin sister block is now installed on the design will with the rest of the family blocks here in Oklahoma. I have no photo of finished sister blocks together becasue I sent the first one to Chris before the second was complete. I am looking forward to the adopted twin arriving in Oklahoma soon :) You know, those international adoptions can take some time. I know she will be so beautiful when she arrives! I'll post photos.

I will work to get caught up on # 15, 17-19 next! The big CCC block #13 is partially finished but is on hold by request of the the program speaker at the April Spinning Spools Quilt Guild meeting. It will be shown as an example of this style of cut-as-you go applique.
Happy Quilting!


Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

This is such a sweet block and you appliqued it perfectly with some very pretty fabric.

Chris Forster said...

I certainly is a beautiful block and arrived just before I flew off to visit my daughter. Thankyou