Friday, March 21, 2014

Hayley's Quilt! (Finish #2)

Hayley's Quilt is finished!
Thanks to the moral support and technical tips from quilt friends last weekend on Worldwide Quilting Day! I finished machine quilting and bound it by machine. Those are both very unusual approaches for me - I am a handwork gal and I have little confidence in the machine quilting or binding. But, here it is! DONE!

There is a tiny handful of fabric left from this quilt. The project was a test of ingenuity and that is how it ended up with corners cut off. There was not enough fabric to make 4 corner squares so I made triangles instead! I like how the back looks with pieced scraps. The binding is also scraps from cut strips. Wish I could get photos to cooperate for direction of image...well you get the idea.

In January of 2013 this quilt and color scheme was selected was designed by my daughter based on inspiration from this Amish baby quilt in Pellman & Pellman's (1985) book. I quilted parallel lines on each side of major block seams. Batting is Warm and Natural. With help of my daughter it was spray basted over the Christmas holidays. This technique worked very well but definitely took two of us to do it OUTSIDE! Even then the spray was pretty stinky!
Haley's Quilt with spring daffodils.

Haley's quilt design sketch 2013

Haley's quilt in progress 2013
I just need to add some type of label before it is ready to go. The finished quilt is approx. 42" x 60 inches. Any suggestions on the label? I'd love to hear them.

When daughter gets home after school is out for summer, we will deliver it to the precious Haley and her wonderful mom
Amish baby quilt inspiration
(Pellman & Pellman, 1985, p. 20)


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