Monday, March 31, 2014

CCC #15 in Pink!

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I have several of the Chester County Criswell blocks going at once as I work to catch up. All are coming along well! Last night I worked on Alice McClellan block #15. It is made from the same pink fabric as my CCC block #1. I chose to use pink for some blocks in addition to red, because in the original quilt some of the faded reds looked pink to me and I like that look. You can see in the photos that I traced some plumes using a fine line, soft lead mechanical pencil (PaperMate Sharpwriter #2) and other lines with my other favorite marking tool, Fons & Porter ceramic pencil (white). After I appliqued one of the plumes and found it went almost all the way into the seam allowance. Humm... I wonder if I forgot to set printing scale and the design is actually larger than original. I'm not going back to check now! I'm only going forward! Previously, I made one block slightly larger but that was on purpose. It this one is larger that was not my plan.

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