Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 - The Year of Finishes!

Although I have neglected my dear blog, other things have been accomplished already this year! On the home front, a biggie for me was defending research proposal - now I am on the downhill slope to finish this degree. YAY!
SuperMom came to visit and we road-tripped to Indiana (for above event) and then on a few more hours to Holland, Michigan to visit cousins while up north. What an adventure to walk on the frozen waves of Lake Michigan! Omitted due to same problem with sideways picture :(
SuperMom installing design wall - Jan. 2014
SuperMom installed a permanent design wall in my quilt studio using two 8x4' foam core insulation boards covered with batting. It hugs the curve of the wall in the studio, that is the back side of the curved entry staircase. She made it work awesomely! (Is that a word? - well it is now!) Love it!

All CCC blocks are now lined up across the top in two rows (See completed installation below). It requires a ladder to reach up to the top, but this gives more space and what lovely inspiration I see everyday as I work (the real job and on writing for school) in this office/studio!

I will catch up more in the next post. ~ Happy Quilting!
Completed Design Wall 8'x8' feet

Update: Did you notice the swap blocks on my design wall?  (2nd row, 3rd block) - CCC Block #9 from Carole - Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus and the lower right Palm Leaf from Sharon - Chester County Criswell Quilt. Soon CCC Block #16 will be added from Chris - Quilting at the Farm and her block from me is flying North now. YAY!! Who wants to be next to swap a block with me?


Dolly said...

Ah, you ARE blessed ! That's what I long to do, but don't have the room. Yay for you !

I am wild about the new block down there that is partially complete. I can see the love you have for this type of applique, and you are GOOD at it !

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Hi Wanda, great to see you back in blogland. How wonderful to have your own design wall! I think I see my swap block up there :)

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

I can see mine! Hello block! (waves hand wildly). The design wall is great. I don't have room for a design wall I have too many cupboards and boxes of UFOS stacked around the edge of my room.

Coral said...

That looks terrific!

Chris Forster said...

Do tell. What is your research proposal for?