Monday, July 14, 2014

CCC #21 Finished!

CCC block #21 "Mary Trayner" had one petal sewn on Friday, but after many hours in the car, driving out of state to attend a wedding, the other petals were finished! (I drove to the wedding beginning at 5:30am while hubby slept. He drove home while I sewed!) I have to admit, this is my least favorite block. I just don't really like the looks of it. Some of it may be the boring fabric I used, it just seems so plain. Some is the quirky awkwardness of the irregular petals. I took a photo from an angle and like it better. HA!
Click on blocks for close up
I am thinking about adding some embroidery or adding some additional applique on the block...or something. We'll see. I'll let it set on the wall for awhile and see if it just blends in with the other block enough or if it grows in appeal to me over time. Happy Quilting!


Chris Forster said...

looks lovely . . . keep in mind some of the others are quite complex in comparison . . . I liked that it was simple and got it done quick.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Thank you for the blog linkup. I find it interesting to see which blocks are 'most favorite' and which ones are 'least favorite'. We all like different things. I don't do embroidery - so it would be great to see what you do Wanda!

Dolly said...

My favorite !