Sunday, July 20, 2014

Update on CCC Applique blocks

I have five CCC Blocks to finish and then I will be caught up and ready for year #3. I am excited about the progress I am making. For some reason, I have each of the blocks in various stages of completion. HA! They are competing with one another for which will inspire me to work on it each few days! These are the competitors:

CCC Block #19
CCC Block #13
#13 Alice Criswell - The BIG first block of the 2nd year, nearing completion.

#19 Emily Carlisle - I debated much about the fabric for this block and am not sure of my choice...but I am about 1/2 way finished and so it will be. I also have cut out 2 sets of green pieces for the completion of the blocks. The light olive green is my favroite, but it just does not fit with all the other blocks, so I think I will stick with the green already used elsewhere in these blocks.       

#20 Margaretta Harris - lovely "pie" block! I have finally selected the fabric choice for this one...I think... I really like the look of the block. This makes me a little bit picky when choosing the fabric from what I have on hand. So far the is absolutely the most fun of all the blocks. I realize this is quite a switch from my complaining about the first year block #4 that had channels to cut out. However, this time I am not killing myself to make the channels so tiny and there are no stop and starts around the circle to fool with. Finally, the fabric is delightfully cooperative!
CCC Block # 20

CCC Block # 22
#22 Jesse Jackson Smith - pressed plant. The pattern is already traced on green fabric and based to background. I thought I would add a tiny bit of my favorite pinky-peach fabric used in this quilt to make buds at the tips of some branches like Carole did in her block. It really adds a nice touch! However, after I cut out buds and laid at the tips I did not like the look and will leave the block plain green.

Fabric for CCC Block #23
#23 Mary Watkins modified fleur d-list looking block never had chance for getting finished soon since it is the most recent block published. I have selected a wavy stripped viney red and tan colored fabric to give it some personality!

P.S. I think I know part of the "problem" for lack of sewing...there have been very few days lately that I have been keeping hubby company while in front of TV - thus taking time to sit and hand applique. Both of us have been working late/long at work, taking advantage of long summer light working in yard and when I have stopped long enough to watch TV we have been going to our friend's house to watch. The show we must catch is The Next Great Baker reality baking show competition (My fantastic sister-in-law and fun, flamboyant baking partner the Jose' are the dark brown team contestants and doing well!!) You can see them Tues. nights 9/8Central on The Learning Channel (TLC) GO #NGBbrown !! Our friends use DVR until everyone arrives then we watch without commercials. Nice! ...but no time to look down for hand sewing! HA!


Chris Forster said...

I am still several blocks behind on the CCCQ since I started in on that really big center block. I did all the easy ones first that had just one piece. And I have not yet started to stitch up the most recent one even though I have it prepped and ready to go. What I have found though, is that my needle turn skills have really improved and I really enjoy doing it now.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Wow, what a challenge to be working on 5 blocks at once! All looking fabulous.