Thursday, July 10, 2014

CCC Block # 17 Finished!

I like the fabric and the quirky look of this block! I used tiny pieces of the same fabric for the buds in CCC Block #14 Mary Wilson. Now I have only 4 more blocks to finish and be caught up.

In the next post I will give a more complete update on progress for each of the remaining blocks AND another block swap that I promised to Kathleen. Where did the time go! Now, I am on the other end of having someone wait on me - but she is being very patient!


Chris Forster said...

Very nice . . . is that the same fabric you made my block from?
I prepped this block and have yet to start stitching it. I am only 4 blocks behind now also.

Chris Forster said...

No wait!!! I do have that one done!!! I have not done this month's block yet.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

I wasn't going to make this block but yours looks so nice you've made me have second thoughts?

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

I believe this is the same fabric I used for CCC swap block with Chris. It is a rich red with tiny yellow flowers and black details. Glad you like it and that it is some small inspiration for Carole! It was not a hard block, just takes a little time and attention to get all the way around. It is fun to sew these blocks and watch the patten emerge out of one piece of fabric. This approach makes it easy to take along for handwork.