Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aimee's Christmas couch quilt

I worked on a few projects this weekend. Mainly, I basted, machine quilted and machine bound a quilt my sister-in-law requested that I finish for her for Christmas. The 10-hr long audiobook Moriarty kept me company as I worked. That is just about exactly how long it took to finish. This is not my most favorite type of quilting but I am satisfied with the results and happy to post in the mail today - back to Aimee.

I did a machine binding on this quilt. Second try with this technique since taking a class in Oct. 2012. Yes, it has been that long and only two tries. The other was on Haley's baby quilt. I think it turned out OK. Still could use some practice.

CCC Block #27 Susanna Criswell well underway

Miss Amarillis has gone from a little pale plant in a cardboard box to a gorgeous double flowered bloom since early January. I received it as a gift Dec. 25th while visiting family in California. It made a long car journey in a box and was planted on arrival back in Oklahoma. It brightens the sewing studio!

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