Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spreading some quilt love!

I just sewed down the binding on a quilt that is on it's way to tornado victim family. This gave me an opportunity to practice my machine binding skills (I am getting better!). I was especially happy to do something of value for my community to help those still recovering from tornado damage.

The project was in collaboration with a sister guild in California who made the quilt tops and sent along pieces of backing fabric, and labels. Then our guild added batting, quilting, and binding to finish and deliver. Our local guild has given over 40 quilts to local families to show support and offer a small comfort to those who lost so much! I did not take a photo of the quilt, as it was quickly on it's way out the door, but had this label photo in my phone.

The other photo is of progress on the modern baby quilt that I worked on a few weeks ago. Here it is laid out ready to sew sections together. It was inspired by the photo of the quilt "Hi"by Tony Jacobson in Quilty magazine. But, then I made it based on different sized fabrics that I had on hand. This made me change width of all pieces (I was working with some 10 " squares...then wider sashing strips were calculated to make the shapes fit together and... and so on! When will I just get a pattern and follow it? HA!
Anyway, it was fun playing with some of these bright greens and blues and chartreuse!


Dolly said...

Are you kidding? ! ? You and I can't make something exactly the way a pattern says !

Now, I can be crafty, and make it look pretty much the same while going at it in a totally different fashion ! Ha !

I'm loving the modern baby quilt, you know that. Those colors and the simplicity are RIGHT ON ! Oops.....showing my age !

Congrats on the tornado relief quilts......great, compassionate ministry.

Love you so much, dear friend.

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

Dolly, Thanks for the compliment on the new quilt in progress. It is fun to go outside the box (and pattern).