Thursday, December 26, 2013

Silk & CCC Block #16 Adaline Gibson

First some eye candy made of silk by my local quilting friend Terri G. (No blog so she said I could post a pic). No color enhancements needed for this beauty!!!

Here is an update on progress on these simple blocks #16 Adaline Gibson of CCC. My block and swap block (for Chris - Quilting at the Farm) have been traced and I have sewn one evening on one block. I have changed thread type and am happy with the result of a finer thread. What's the chance I will finish them by the end of the year? I guess that depends on how may evenings I sit with dh watching TV. With the college kids at home for the holidays we have been playing board games. They have always enjoyed this and now with some new games from Christmas, there is not a lot of sewing happening right now.
We'll see...


Dolly said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight.......time with the hubby and the college kids ! Snuggle with that hubby, and grab those kids before they don't want to be still anymore !

Tell Terri that that quilt is just what I like ! Great going !

Chris Forster said...

I agree with Dolly. . . snuggle that hubby and grab those college kids. there is no hurry for my block. I have yours started but have stitched up 3-4 others as I am still catching up. Our daughter and her husband are home for the holidays.