Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

A view from the kitchen window shows a drooping snow-covered Magnolia tree. Central Oklahoma is blanketed in snow, sleet and ice. Usually we do not get much snow. So, there are limited resources and road equipment to deal with it. Drivers are not used to traveling in snow and the roads are not clear. When it snows a few inches, (and especially after sleet and ice storms) everything shuts down. Such is the scenario today!
The entire State is under a State of Emergency due to the storms, with almost everything closed. Thankfully, we have electricity, food, and a cozy warm home in which to sit out the storm. Also, both dh and I were still able to work, but from home today. This is the benefit (?) of telecommuting!    
In the meantime, a Cinnamon & Spice poinsettia brightens up the room and some modern baby quilt blocks are pinned waiting to be sewn as soon as I finish some more work on paper grading. A big pot of Cajun red beans and rice will top off the evening and maybe a fire in the fireplace. Sadly, dh company Christmas party was cancelled for tonight :(  Seriously, we had been looking forward to it for weeks! There is always such good food, music and fun games and prizes. Oh well, I'll just make the best of my time and do something quilty instead. Happy Sewing to All!


Dolly said...


I can just picture it all as you wrote it, and I can smell the red beans and rice.....just wish I could eat them, I'd think about making some myself !

Love and miss you guys, and glad you're safe and warm.

Liking those blocks you're working on, too, you know !

Dolly said...

By the way, what sewing machine is that ?

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

Hi Dolly, Thanks for your note. The sewing machine is a Brother straight stitch only that I bought awhile back 2009? Who knows! The years are a blur!!