Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Divine Guidance" block Emerges

Many of the quilt block designs and inscriptions on Baltimore Album era quilts had religious symbolism. It is a good reminder for day to day living! (Click image for close up).

I loved this block the first time I saw it on Jane's blog (esp. color choice!). It is quite daunting with those sharp points. I have studied about how to do them, but I think it will just take lots of practice. This is my best so far - much room for improvement :)

Here is the latest on the Rose Lyre Wreath...I continue to make progress on my writing each day and that means quilting time at night. .P.S. Missing DD who is on vacation out of state. It is not quite the same with just DH & DS here all the time


Coral said...

I can't wait to see the pieces come together. They look lovely and the pleasure you take in its creation shows in your pictures and your words. Enjoy!

Brenda said...

Sorry you missed your DD, we enjoyed having her with us for a bit. She wrote a very nice thank you note.