Friday, June 3, 2011

End of spring beauty & A small quilt finish

The lilies are fabulous to see every day out the window :)

Krista's baby boy quilt (1 year old now) finished - front & back. Machine sewed on bias binding for the second time on a quilt. It seemed to be a good choice for this purpose (likely lots of washing) and was a challenge to myself to improve skills. Worked on it with moral support (and a reminder how to connect binding ends together) from Mary at a sew in at Quilters Corner. Glad to be finished! They are amused by me as I say I only bring things I don't want to work on to the "sew ins." This is because I need moral support and no distractions or place to divert my attention when I run into snags or just plain don't find this aspect of quilting any fun at all. (Like bindings!) Although I am pleased with the final result and look of the narrow binding.

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Dolly said...

Oh, those lillies are GORGEOUS......they must make you smile.

I'm so tickled that you finished this little quilt. It's what first inspired the quilt that I made for my aunt Edith. I especially love that you pieced the back with leftovers from the top.

It looks great and you met THIS deadline (one year old ). Congrats on coming up with a good way to finish things that just aren't the most fun part of quilting.