Friday, June 3, 2011

School's Out for the Summer!

Sneak peek at Simply Pears basting - 2nd to last Simply Delicious block. Tantalizing tomatoes were finished up several days ago. Photo to come.

Lots of changes around here with DH job, the track star/v-ball diva's car, rearranged third bay in garage to fit DD's car, and son home to mow each weekend and do other assigned tasks around working some switchboard shifts.....

It is getting too hot too fast for June (mid 90s)! However, the window flower baskets are looking great - Three Roma & cherry tomato plants have little green tomatoes - a few more hostas planted, much mulch spread in flower beds and around trees - lots of weeds pulled and random bushes that have spouted have been dug up. Working on the BIG paper 2 days so far (in between appearances at the office for various meetings and many family necessities. LOTS more to do to keep on target to work toward finishes for 2011.

Hand applique is something I look forward to most nights. Baltimore style is my current passion.

The iris have faded but violets are all in bloom as well as pink lilies in front. Need a photo of that too :)

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