Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CCC #27 Susanna Criswell Bouquet

CCC #27 Susanna Criswell - Funny Bouquet
Another block finished. This one went very fast. It is Susanna Criswell #27 from Chester County Criswell blocks. I have traced pattern, selected green fabric and pinned to background for CCC #29 Maria Criswell - dried flower bouquet? Then I decided that I wanted to use an uglier dull green fabric for the block - a fabric I had used a couple of times before. So of course I traced, cut and based again. I do not think I need two of these blocks in my quilt. I am keeping my ugly dull green applique and the brighter green will be available if anyone wants to trade for some other block of you choice...Let me know.


Every Stitch said...

Love this block - quite quirky! your fabric choices are perfect :)

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Another beautiful block! I hope it finds a lovely new home.

Nancy said...

Great block.
I am happy to e coming to the end of this quilt.
We still have that difficult block left to stitch. I wonder when Sharon will release it?

Nancy said...
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