Thursday, February 19, 2015

Red & Green Happiness!

I recently finished this block. It is one of the blocks from Mary Mannakee quilt patterns that I purchased online from the DAR museum  shop a few years ago. This is the second block that I have made from these patterns (last one was finished in 2013). (A good Mankee quilt photo is found online here). It took a while to complete and the top photo shows the colors fairly accurately. This has been a side project while working on various other projects. It traveled to and from California, to Indy once (or twice?) and no telling where else, waiting to get worked on. Those tiny little cut-outs in center flower were a pain and I was not happy with making them or with the end result....but by now after they have sat a while (a year?), I was ready to move on and they look just fine. The prickly looking red leaves were surprisingly very fun to applique. The block is now on the design wall in good company of 26 red (some pink) and green Chester County Criswell blocks. Eye candy for me!


Dolly said...

Ooh, that is stunning work, Wanda Gayle ! I'll say you should be satisfied ! I bet that is SOME eyecandy to enjoy !

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Oh Wow! This block is just stunning, you gave done a fabulous job on the appliqué and those difficult looking cut-outs. I hope you continue on with this quilt.

Nancy said...

I have put off buying this pattern. Your block looks great.