Saturday, February 21, 2015

BIG Block #13 Chester Co. Criswell!

The BIG center block #13 for Chester County Criswell quilt (from Oct. 2013) is finally finished! It hung on the design wall in various states of completion for quite a while (over a year!) and now it is there again... completed!I am very close to getting caught up now with all these blocks - now that I purchased additional background fabric. It was a dreary dark day when photographing so color is a little slimy. I'll redo when the sun is out...but did not want the dim day to diminish my excitement on sharing this achievement!
CCC #13
Design wall is curved - on a curved wall behind curved stairwell.

Amaryllis is in full bloom with 4 flowers. Stunning!!
Another bright spot in this grey drizzly day!

Modern Baby was basted and is ready to machine quilt! I starting pinning...but this was not going to be satisfactory so I spray basted (indoors) due to bad weather. This was a little risky proposition due to the over spray potential (on glass dining room table - so easy enough to clean) AND the fumes (requiring quick spray bursts and leaving the room to air out for awhile). However, the benefit of this basting method are proving them self as the machine quilting is going very well!

I am quilting a quarter inch down the sashing lines on each side. I am quite happy with progress being made. I will have not problem meeting my desired completion deadline so I can take this quilt to Indianapolis with me soon!


Dolly said...

Where do I start ? ! ?

That work on that design wall is AMAZING ! You have really conquered this type of applique !

And I'm so proud of you with basting that quilt and machine-quiting it.......doesn't it look great ?

And, your backing fabric is simply scrumptious ! Ooh !

Great going, Wanda Gayle !

Chris Forster said...

Congratulations on getting that big center block done. I started with it. I almost want to do another one in pinks this time.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Congratulations on finishing the centre block, it just looks stunning. All of your CCCQ blocks look fabulous together on the design wall and Mary Manakee fits right in.

Nancy said...

That was quite a block wasn’t it. I love the fabric you chose for yours.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Wo-hoo! Your centre block is fantastic. I have been quilting my centre block for a looonng time.