Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Blended Spring" Borders

Back to the needed borders for the Blended Spring quilt...It took awhile to figure out just how I would use the fabric to make borders! Just buying 2 yards of fabric left a lot of planning undone! The border still needed a tiny "stopper" (i think I will do it 1'). It took me about 15 fabric auditions until I found something in my stash that I like. I will use the new fabric to make the next border after the tiny stopper... width of the border will be based on the amount of fabric I have to work and what looks right to me. I have also decided to do the corners different than the side and top borders.

In the meantime I have sewn together some of the Teacher's Pet (dark) pieces and I am not altogether happy with the look. I laid out the pieces and arranged and re-arranged and it just looks kind of ugly! Maybe it needs to rest a few days and I will see it differently.

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lyn said...

sounds like a masterpiece, can't wait to see it.