Saturday, January 26, 2008

Supermom leaves Sunday!

We did it! and just in time..."Supermom" leaves Sunday. All tile and concrete and drywall and squirrels nests have been removed from the bathroom. It is completely down to the studs and the roof! The electrical got capped off so we had no limitations to finish the job. It is soooo bare. We will definitely have to add some insulation before re-constructing. It took the whole day yesterday to finish up and I am sore with so much work overhead on getting the ceiling out with crow bars. It was some kind of old sheet rock stuff that was TOUGH! Today is massive clean up of debris. I really must download some photos....maybe later today. is the inspirational blended quilt block photo for today, #3. It is of medium contrast...toward the higher end of medium. If only I was working on these instead of the bathroom. But, soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow, you and Supermom are my heroes!!! you go, girls!!!
and now the fun begins and you get to reconstruct!!!

That block is my favorite so far, I love,Love,LOVE it,
Have a great nap...tee hee