Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday...No time to waste!

Today we tackle the rest of the cement floor...chipping piece by piece. Mom leaves Sunday so the time is short and I need her help and moral support on this project! We are not too happy with the stalling that is delaying hauling out of debris and our overall progress. The tile and concrete are SOOOO heavy it is hard for us women to carry it downstairs and out. But we are determined!... and if we have make 100 trips up and down the stairs carrying the stuff in paper bags to get it done, WE WILL DO IT!

Here is the lovely vision I will dwell on today (another in the series of the blended star blocks with low contrast...I just LOVE it!) I put on the grubby clothes, work gloves, mask,goggles and bandanna to protect from the dust and flying concrete debris..... I have to get a picture of that outfit posted sometime!


Anonymous said...


take it from a do it your-selfer with a bad back, its always easier to drag the heavy stuff than it is to carry it, try folding a crappy old sheet in half and dragging the stuff down with you on the down end and Supermom on the up end, makes it so much easier and you can take more with each load.

and I love the low contrast squares, can't wait to see the whole thing!

Happy Smashing!

Wanda said...

Thanks! good tip!