Friday, January 4, 2008

Blended progress

This is my first attempt with officially "blending" a quilt as inspired by Marsha McCloskey's book "Blended Quilts II" (2004) "Stepping Stones" pattern. Of course I can never make a quilt like any pattern so it was re-figured and re-sized to fit the amount of background fabric that I was working with. Plus, the borders are yet undetermined..many fabric auditions have not made the cut!

Maybe showing this here will help me work on it more...or maybe you have some ideas to help me finish the borders... so I have included a photo with the basic diagram made the old-fashioned way with grid paper and colored pencils. (But, I did custom-make and download the grid paper from the Internet so I could have it the size I wanted and "on point.")

The fabric with the green background above the sketching is one of my fav's for more border. I would like a toile but have not found the right colors to blend. Has anyone seen a nice soft green or white background multi-colored soft pastel toile anywhere?...I guess that is as close as I will come to "cheating" from one who I would call a "vintage blended quilter" --using what I have on hand....not unlike the gals in years past who made beauty out of ordinary and even out of ugly! Plus...I do have a HUGE beautiful stash to work with. There is no excuse!
I just need to be more creative with the vision.
Happy Quilting!

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