Saturday, January 5, 2008

A new dark-colored design

While the pretty "Spring-themed" blended quilt sits awaiting some border inspiration... I have started yet another project! (and it is always so much fun to start something new!)

Perhaps influenced by the dark scenes of the Lord of the Rings movies that our family have been watching over New Year's week break...and from a stash of dark Civil war era type colors, I began cutting out a "Teacher's Pet lap quilt (67"x76") from More Laps from Fats book. This project is unusual for me because I am using a book with a pattern and am following the directions...exactly (so far). I am not sure this has ever happened before in all my years of quilting. ( many years has that been...I will have to figure that out later). Ok, well maybe I haven't done it exactly the way they say...I used some other fabric besides just fat quarters!

Anyway, following the directions made this a workable project while watching the Lord of the Rings movies because there was little brain work or creativity required for either activity. So, both activities could be accomplished at once. Since I had seen all three movies before, I did not have to watch each moment but I still paid enough attention that it took all 3 movies to cut out the whole quilt (and these are long movies). This included ironing pieces so I could cut, and stacking the pieces together so I am ready to sew. I would have begun sewing too, but the noise would have caused too much disagreement from the family...who were already dissatisfied with the one one dim corner light I had on because it "made a glare" on the screen!

Now, forevermore I will associate this movie and this project. This dual approach was a good use of time, free (well at least the movies - checked out from the local library) and for the most part everyone was happy. I was not bored or stir crazy, got to "quilt" and was productive, while they felt I was "participating" with a family activity so we could all share in the stories and discussions about the symbolism, themes and plots and all that meaningful dialog...which we have avidly done. All the high school English teachers would be proud. Next to get sewing...
and listening to the conclusion of C.S. Lewis book "Out of the Silent Planet." I might need earphones to listen in case the sewing machine is too loud! LOL


...dotty... said...

I love that !
So many of my quilts have memories attached of what was going on around me or in my life while I was working on it ! Sometimes it's even a song that I listened to while quilting. Quilts truly are just big memory nets !

brenda said...

It feels great to do two things at once. Congratulations! John is jealous that I can knit while watching t.v., riding in the car, even visiting with his parents. By the way, if you turn on more lights, there won't be a glare on the television!