Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm showing my face again....& progress continues...

By popular request (by granny lyn), I have added my face back on the front of the blog instead of just in my profile. In the profile is the "big" picture from which I cropped this goofy face!

This week has been full of sledge hammering and prying with crow-bar to break out the tile in the shower above the hole shown in the last post. All the ceramic tile had to come out and the ceramic tile floor. Did you know they CEMENT that stuff in with a couple inches of concrete! YIKES! But we did it. Hubby and son have been hauling away the mounds of debris each night after "Supermom" (my mom in from California for a working vacation) and I tear things up! The floor pan under the tile was completely rotted as were the wood beams. Thankfully none appear load-bearing supports.

Tomorrow the professionals come for electrical and re-construction plans. (No,we DO NOT play with electricity!) I only do deconstruction!...and some re-grouting around the tub in another bathroom. Many improvements are being made! So while we work, "Supermom" listens to books on tape and I fantasize about quilting (and dread going back to work on Monday).

Above is one block in my other blended project. It is one of the blocks with high contrast. I will post another block each day or so and then some photos with many blocks together for the BEAUTIFUL blended look. Can't wait to quilt again soon!


...dotty... said...

Oooh, that's really pretty, Wanda !
Hooray for the face ! I love that face !

I got the connecting threads catalog today, and it looks like your colors are really popular right now......good news for your shopping trips......or is that bad news? Hmmmmmmmm.........

Wanda said...

Thanks for supporting the "face"
I always love earth tones and peach-oranges but am running out of designated fabric space!

brenda said...

The block is a beaut, W-B. Wish Supermom was my mom. Wait! She's my aunt! That's almost as good! (If my mother reads this comment, please know I love you too!)