Saturday, January 19, 2008

The "In Progress" list

Earlier in the week I began a list of "in progress" quilts...Isn't that a nice euphamism? It is quite a lengthy list. I also gave a short description of where I was in the process and assigned a prioirty number to each project on a scale of 1-10. I even decided which pieces to focus attention on so they will be ready for OKC show later in the summer. How fun!....

but wait....
....Where is the lovely quilt photo to highlight the quilt progress? This photo does not look ANYTHING like a quilt......Well, that's because it's a hole in the CEILING of the beautiful front entry inside our home exposing the OLD leaky pipes that have rotted out. But the bigger thrill is knowing that the leak is from above these nice solid copper pipes and is coming from the ceramic tiled bathroom shower. That called for a 5lb sledge hammer and lots of might to tear through 2" of concrete after cracking through the "tough-as-nails" tile!
"Supermom" (my mom) from California is here to the rescue. More photos to follow...and quilting goes to the bottom of the list.


...dotty... said...

Oh, no !

What a winter ~!

Our landlord says he's going to give us a whole new soon as they can get to it. There's a long wait, thanks to the ice storm's damage. And he's going to have the tree at the back corner of the house cut down, and all of the limbs in the yard, hauled away. Woo Hoo !
Hope we don't lose our porch in the process........that's where the worst leak is, and lots of damage ! Should have spoken up earlier.........oh, Dorella.....whatcha doin' next month?

granny lyn said...

Aren't all moms SuperMoms? nothing worse than a hidden leak, nothing better than a Mom To The Rescue!

good luck with all that

granny lyn said...

And...I forgot to tell you, I miss your picture...You have such a friendly face, and we need it back!


Wanda said...

Thanks granny lyn! The face is back :D
...for the holes and "deconstruction"... waiting almost 9 years to tackle this and knowing in the end all the work will be worth it...keeps us going.