Friday, January 4, 2008

Living and breathing quilting it is a real blog that I created and even put my own quilt (and face) out for the world to see. (of course I have just usurped a few hours doing it that I could have been quilting...or more likely SLEEPING! it is 3am)

Quilting really is a journey for me, of creativity and process. Finishing something is not the ultimate goal, yet I really admire those quilters who have made so many quilts. Instead I savor the envisioning of the quilt, the design, auditioning of fabrics and arrangements. The challenge of figuring out what fabric or element or design direction will the quilt go next...

This also means that I get nowhere fast. And it challenges me to find just the right "look" or "feeling" from the item in progress...dig through my stash. This brings me to the love of "blended" quilts. It is all about these elements and pushing outside the box of any designer line of fabric and using "ugly" fabric pieces to make a beautiful whole.

Next, for the blog, I will have to figure out how to make a slide show to "show" off my Simply Delicious applique blocks. They are truly a labor of love. I don't work on them often but when I do it is so addicting and fun, restful and enjoyable.

Too bad I have to go back to real life (and to sleep) and do all the things a person must do in that other uninspired day to day life. Dreaming quilts and scheming what I will do next puts a happy spark in my mind. Ahhh, the quilting that I do in my head!

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